About MD Lab Games

MD Lab Games is a Romanian game development studio. It is named after the initials of the founders, Mugurel Enache and Diana Marin and it was created in 2015. The Journey – VR is the first game released by MD Lab Games, available on Steam.

Formation & Development

In August 2015, the founders started working on an educational game called ‘Learning by Teaching’ which only represented their beginning as a team. Being mostly an experiment for contests, it hadn’t been published.

In October 2016 their first game – The Journey-VR –  will be published on Steam, after a year of development and multiple awards in the educational field, such as gold medal at Infomatrix, the international heat. After this massive project for only two teenagers, they planned on studying Game Development and wanted to create more games, not only educational ones.

MD Lab Games develops its projects in Unreal Engine 4. What is awesome about this game development studio is their work in Virtual Reality, an area considered new at the moment.